You don’t buy a dog and then bark yourself!

I was reading about things people do from a mentor of sorts. He quoted an Ad Man called David Olgilvy, who said:

You don’t buy a dog and bark yourself.

I laughed at this and mused upon it too.

You see, many years ago while standing in conversation with my mother over the unknown book. I told her this…

I was going to learn what was in that book, how it was put together and then tell others who wanted to know. For I knew from immediate experience that there was a boat load of ‘wanna-be’s’ who had no idea what that unknown book was all about.

I went to college, and found out that all, without exception or distinction knew very little if anything that reallly mattered when it came to that book. Sure they knew the stuff that you could buy from a book, they knew what they had been told by others gone on before.

But none, none I say, of them could tell me how that book was put together.
I was buying them as my dogs, teachers, and then they were asking me to do the barking for them.


I have been fulfilled in that desire to know what and how that book is put together. Because I wa led to a man, a junk yard dog who could bark for himself. He taught me that book, and then some. He is now gone on to his rewards. I am still here.

The struggle I have had is this: I wanted to rest after so much time in the barking business. But I could not stop due to taking care of loved ones, and biting back at the lazy dogs that loved to sleep.

I am not rested, still tired. Yet the times require a dog who can bark for himself.
That is me.

I have found the book I don’t need to write as a supporting set of principles to use to help teach the items that must be understood when letting the unknown book read you, while you read it.
Job done.

Now I am seeking a print fulfillment house to put together the monthly newsletter. I will be sending out you guys, who have patiently waited for this, an edition of what to expect in the newsletter that I will offer for pay.

You will get what no college in this world can deliver anymore. NONE.  The way that that book is put together so as to help you understand The Author, the times you face and yourself.

Soon is all I can . Soon as `i get the printer/ fullfilment thing together. And the pay thing set up and the other dozen things that go with this.

So, more soon.