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Within the human condition there sits a series of common retorts to some of the issues and questions of life.

When conversation turns to spiritual things, or the views you believe are held up to a ridicule in a common retort.
Answers for these moments are often wanting.
Most people just aren’t prepared for them, and often are quite taken aback when they happen.
Here are some of those retorts, often thrown into the conversational mix as a provocitive statement or intended as an final statement on the matter.
What you learn to do next can change the shape of your relationship with those who toss the retort-grenades.
Often you can simply win the day by how you respond.
I intend to show you how to do just that.


Example retorts…

  • There is no God?
  • The Bible is full of mistakes, it’s just the words of men!
  • Evolution is a fact! everyone knows that!
  • Religion is for losers and suckers!

I used many just like these myself in my formative years.
Usually to bat away an unprepared and unguarded persons attempts at winning me over in a conversation.
Often repeating what I heard from someone else.
This is often the way with these things.


It usually takes hold like this.

You are a kid, growing up in a fast paced, every changing environment.
You better have some answers, because people are going to be dealing you theirs.
Like it or not.
So listen up.

You watch, you see how people can and or cannot respond to these hand-grenades of communication.
You pick up on them and toss a few yourself. It works. Effective time saving device for future use when needed.
Often you seem to win the word war, get left alone and move on to do what you were going to do.


Isn’t that what is often behind the catch-alls.

You want to do what you want to do, and the consequences of those actions need to be washed out.
So the ready made conversation retort-grenades come in handy.
But are you doing yourself any service with this approach to life.

The source of these statements often lies deeper than you might ever imagine.
And your use of them is far more dangerous than you ever considered.
So let me tell you more…


You can quote but you can’t hide!

There are a lot of statements like these that get carried from generation to generation without a lot of though applied to the validity or authority behind them.
They don’t change, just the delivery, which often is still word-for-word of the last generations.
I want to address these defensive retort-grenades of the human condition.

I am going to produce a one-a-month video examining these social catch-all’s.
I intend it to be serious fun.
By that I will examine them and have a bit of fun at their expense.
Enterainment is the heart of the internet. So I better get on that bandwagon sooner or later to keep you coming back for more right?


The “Who Taught You That?” Videos

This introduces the 5 to 8 minute video series that will be starting soon on the fresh-oil site.
It is another podcast entry.
Podcasts come in three types: audio, video and pdf, just so’s you know.

The purpose is to take a quick poke at some things people repeat without really having considered the source or the facts of the statements.
While understanding the reality that you cannot change an opinion unless the respondent wants to change is true.
I still intend to contend with the notions that get set forth as the be-all and end-all facts, that often are not!


Storms in teacups!

I intend to lighten it up a little with these videos.
Humour is a great medicine in these often hostile matters.
Yes, people get pretty heated about some of the things we are going to poke with the truth stick.
Should be a lot of interesting things show up.
Hope you like them.
Just remember, nothing changes from these retorts unless the person using them does.
Five minutes after the exchange its like it was a storm in a teacup.


The Format

In Five to Eight Minutes I will provide a video dealing with one thing at a time.
I will state the default thought.
Then examine that statement through an authoritative lense.
And finish up with the “Who Knew” factor.
Finally open the door for comments, questions and more.
I intend to have a little fun with this too!



The Default Opinion
The Bible is full of mistakes?

We will cite the most common source of this statement and why they are oft quoted and relied upon as an authority.
Cutting to the chase and the heart of the matter we shall provide an insight that often goes missing in the round.
Where does this kind of statement originate?
Why is it so commonly used, and that by people who have never, ever read the Bible: in part or in full!
This will often lead to the insight regarding the human condition that goes a-missing in the exchange.


The CounterPoint
And you know this because…?

We will provide a response to the statements that are often cited, maybe even take them apart for a deeper look.
Should prove a bit of relief from the usual arguments that are batted back and forth between the usual combatants.
We will be looking to bring out the humour in these counterpoints.


The Conclusions to be made
The who knew factor?

The Christopher Lowell factor, and why I loved it.

Christopher Lowell, for a while, was the DIY interior decorator on television who used this byline in his home decorating business.
He was poking fun at things in his unique way.
I laughed a lot watching his show, it was often very funny.

So, I’ve stolen his byline and plan on using it to full effect here.
Many of the social retort-grenades that are batted about will get the full “Who Knew?

What’s the point of this video series?

If you have faced the questions we are going to take on then they shall help you.
They shall help you by providing options of response when you face these retorts.

You will have advance warning of the type of statement/accusation/question coming at you.
You will have insights into the mindset that often uses the avoidance retort-grenade as a defense.
And you will have choices in what to do with the person you are facing, depending upon the nature of the exchange.

I will link the video to an article that goes into the matter.
I will cite sources and quotes and provide more substance for those who care to know more.

Today I will end with a story.

Many years ago now, in Plymouth England, I met at a front door to a home a man.
He claimed to be educated and that of the hightest calibre.
I, at the time was not formally educated at all.
I was in fact green, wet behind the ears, and quite the novice.
I asked a question that set the tone on the dark side of the human condition.

You see the man was talking with me about the ideas of God, Salvation, Sin: the whole enchilada as it were.
He was poo pooing the idea that there was a God, the Unknown Book was a myth and down the line he went.

I asked the simple question and it blew the conversation apart.
I asked this: “Have you read, from cover to cover the Unknown Book that you are lambasting?”

As an intellectual, highly educated man, surely you would never leave this type of controversial material to chance?
He responded with the most base of responses, that I cannot repeat here.
It was obvious to me, and to him, that he had been “caught short” in the exchange, and the retort-grenades has to be tossed at me.

Which came with full force and was intended to destroy my resolve in the matter.
It didn’t, but it showed me a lot.

I learned a valuable lesson that day.
Education without the full exposure to the Unknown Book really was a lacking education.
I have run into this type of man many times. The same with women, thought not as much.
The insights these videos will provide could save you and the person you speak with, stress and anguish and offer you the chance to have a little fun.

The conversation I had with this man was one of the prime reasons that I went in pursuit of the education that I eventually secured.
Now I have a place and a platform to share that education with you.
I intend to have some fun, hopefully you will have some too.


So hope you check back here for more.

I shall be starting the series by the end of April.
I know that it is a little ways off, but they require work to be done well.
And I certainly want to provide that.

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All the best and more soon.


Navigating the human condition and coming to terms with the purpose of life.