Educated by the Unknown Book not a school! ep15

How to get a real education from The Unknown Book, that is worth the cost, without uprooting your entire life and livelihood!

This episode of fresh-oil is going to go into how I am setting up a way to learn The Unknown Book.
Learning it in such a way that you will not have to leave home, job, family and friends to get it.

Now if you are young, have the money, want the adventure, prestige; and want to see a bit more of the country, you could do all the traditional things.


Pick a school you like.
Move to that location.
Spend a lot of money and time getting the material.


Find somewhere else to go now that you are freshly armed with you acquired knowledge.
Move to that location.
Spend a lot of money and time to get settled.
Begin using the eduction you so dearly payed for.


Get antsy, want more, need better, and on it goes.
Pick another location.
Move to that location.
Repeat until you get another eduction.
That would be the one acquired acquired while paying for the one you wanted.

Life gets in the way too.
So what is the alternative?
I think I have set this up nicely.

Go to this LINK to learn more.

So here is my answer.

Remember when correspondence schools were considered lame.
Online courses and degree were viewed as totally bogus.
Well have times changed.

I’ve done all the above, got the education, the travel, the second education while practicing the first one.
There is a better way.

Today I am going to be talking about that.
One of the principle reasons for fresh-oil is to provide fresh insights into this human condition and answer intelligently the question.
What is the purpose of life?

Nothing could appear to be so arrogant as to state that I can answer these two questions.
But I can, and I prove it.

A print newsletter

I am going to be delivering a paid PRINT newsletter that will teach you the contents of The Unknown Book.
Nothing less than that.

How can I do that with a newsletter you say or ask?

Glad you want to know.
Here is how.

I will send a ‘for pay’ monthly newsletter that will cover one topic per month regarding the knowing of the contents of The Unknown Book.


I will have a membership site that supports this monthly topic.
Inside the membership site I will elaborate, answer questions, provide additional materials and more.
What I cannot possibly put into the newsletter will go into the membership.

So what is going to make this better than going to a college, seminary or other institution to learn from qualified teachers?

It’s a good question, and the simple answer is this.
They don’t really know the contents of The Unknown Book like I do in these places.
And they don’t teach that either, they major on everything around the book, not the book.

That distinction is a simple one, but it is the fly in the ointment.
Often you only find out what you didn’t get when you run into someone like me, after the fact.
That often makes people a little angry.


Because they find out that it all could have been so much different.

O.K. but I am happy with going to one of these bastions of orthodoxy and learning in the classrooms of such dignitaries.
Fine with me.
You will not learn The Unknown Book.

An example for you

Here is an example of what I am talking about today.
I have simplified the process by which you learn the book.
One topic at a time.
Following some simple rules of study, that you cannot violate without consequences.
Meeting some ethical requirements as you go, that will determine your outcomes.
Staying within the lines of truth and honesty in your education.
Showing behind the educational curtain the Dr Oz’s and such.

Where’s the beef?

It isn’t fancy, There is only you the lessons and The Unknown Book.
The outcome is more than you can ever imagine.
No greek studies, no historical postions, no presumptive doctrines.
The Unknown Book is the teacher, not the text that a teacher manipulates.
Big difference, different outcome, always.


Afterwards. Well you will get a real education.
You will be exposed to The Author of The Unknown Book.
You will learn of Him, His Nature, His Ways, His Being.
You will see that this Book is unlike any other.
This Book will examine you!!
You will have examined the origins of things, how they developed and what is their final end.
We will examine Philosophy, you’ll eventually discover the sham it hides.
We”ll take the Unknown Books views on Science, same things.
Oh religion without question you will know that fakir, and the trouble it brings.
But you will know the Unknown Books contents, unique attributes, unfailing superiority and mastery of the human condition.
And the Politics, of course and you will learn where they all get there views from, which is inside The Unknown Book.

Would that interest you?

If it would then do this.

Go to this LINK to learn more.

You will be taken to a page that tells you more, much more.
I will ask you to sign up for an update eMail that I will send out regularly to keep you informed.
It won’t be long before I am offering this for sale to those of you who agree with the premise.

Those who take up this offer now will benefit later when I start selling this Newsletter.

So if you are looking to learn The Bible and The contents of The Bible, I am your man.
If you are looking for a prestigious journal that honors man before the Book, I am not your man.

Time is fleeting

In these days we live time is like a racehorse galloping off into the distance.
We feel this even if we don’t see this.
Maybe you want to have more assurance about the future.
Maybe you want to learn more about the very book I speak of.
Maybe things in life are not good for you and answers are thin to nowhere.

I was educated by this book not a school!

After nearly 38 years of sitting before this book.
Trained by a real student of this book who knew what others only professed to know.
Reading and examining the works of men who loved this Unknown Book.
I am capable of teaching this to you too.

It comes down to you now.
You could go to that link and find out more?

Go to this LINK to learn more.