Want to be happy? act like an old person, not the kid inside you!

I read this article you might enjoy it too.

The New York Times put out this article
“Want to be happy? Think like an old person”

Who doesn’t want that?
So I read the article by John Leland Dec 29th 17.

It came down to accepting what you can’t do, focusing on what you can do, keeping your mind on the positive things in what is your life and finding purpose in your day.

That will work in any age group.
So, ending the year with a look up, a check up and make up in my mind on how to go forward with things.

Eventually I will not have certain things, so use them while I do have them.

The article states that the paradox of old age is that as people’s minds and bodies decline, instead of feeling worse about their lives, they feel better.

As the physical changes in it’s power I see the turn to the spiritual as the best replacement.

In the article many examples are given of older people who lived with the reality of their situation and they were happy. So that is all for this eMail today.

Life is short. Too short. Live the one you have, not the one you would like to have: who really ever gets that anyway?

Next week we have the start of another year.
All sorts of stuff will be said, quoted, stated, promised, taken and used to make us feel bad about the life we live.

Ignore it, it will go away with the broken intentions that usually accompany all that noise anyway.

Best to you from me.