Turn off, tune out and dial into living

It used to be that the radio was always on.

I remember living in Libya in Africa and Hanover in Germany and the radio was playing the music I wanted to hear. The Everly Brothers, Buddy Holly, Connie Francis, Sinatra, Cosby, Big Bands and more.

Then the radio was something you could carry in your pocket due to the marvel of the transistor thingy being invented. Did you carry the little thing and listen to sports, pop music and the like?

Today, its an iPhone or the like but you carry a phone, a radio, a calendar, and a whole bunch of more too.

We used to be able to put the radio down and do things like speak to each other, read, look around us. But not today.

People don’t navigate life anymore, they avoid it.
Their ‘bandwidth’ is so narrow that you could poke them in both eyes with one finger. You know what I mean.

How about you.
Do you get out and about and away from the digital things?
Do you navigate life using the landmarks of friendship, conversation, nature and more?

This week the podcast is about my tale, you can listen to it here.
I would surely love to listen on a podcast to your story, so why not do that?

If you have ever thought about using the tools of podcasting I know someone who can help. Drop a line and I will send you in the right direction.

But please, get a conversation going with someone. Put the phone on silent, better still put it on OFF for a while. You know this might bring a little sunshine into your day.

Oooh!!! my phone just buzzed, had it on silent. Got to go.

navigating the human condition while coming to terms with the purpose of life.