The poison in the well of the human condition

One single word that throws everybody out with the bathwater.
Here it is again if you didn’t read it yesterday.
Hated by everyone without exception, even the vast majority of religious leaders and their following.

Hated by every Socialist, Marxist, Leninist, Capitalist, Religionist, Psychologist, Pragmatist, Evolutionist, Psychiatrist, and all the social engineering political hacks who sought to engineer us into the golden age of peace on earth!

Why is this three letter word hated so much?
What has it got that other words don’t?

Here is the rub.
All the effort that mankind has put out to change mankind has not fundamentally changed anything.
Men still die, they steal, they lie, they cheat, they murder, the kill, they destroy.
Mens till do do good, help society, aide millions, seek for better conditions for all but…

Something is beyond the fixers, thinkers, do-gooders and all the political planners this world can muster on the dance floor of this life.

None of them can navigate us out of the current human condition.

Now the Left want to change us into a conglomeration of meaninglessness so that no one stands out or creates a comparison with anyone else.

The Right want the laws of the land to be the steering force to let people be who they want to be within the rules.

But the Final Authority that brings this to us has been abandoned in total.

In the Unknown Book, I am referring to The Authorized Version. An absolute final authority is available
The answer to the condition we face SIN, is provided.

But, but, but..
Man doesn’t want that answer. Man wants his answer, and all the A listers above will plot, maneuver, scheme and attempt to engineer their way out of facing this single one word.

I will take this up again in a third email tomorrow.

Navigating the human condition, while coming to terms with the purpose of life.