The Lamb, the story of the Unknown Book ep18

The lamb, the shepherd and the sheep.

The Bible is a whole, and in its own interpretation there lies a first principle.
That first principle guides us through many places and things. It never lets us down.

Like all great narratives the story develops over time.
In this case the story takes thousands of years, but what a story!

Shall we begin then?

In the opening statements of man’s fall and the beginnings of his redemption: the purchasing back of what was taken away, the man and his freedom to choose.
We find something that God the author of the Book sets up and often goes unnoticed by the regular material that passes off for Bible study and education regarding the Book.

To begin the steps in the redemption of man.
God kills an animal Himself! God takes the life of an innocent creature to provide a temporary covering for the fallen man.

What was that animal and what was that covering?

let’s discover shall we, for in this single pursuit we are taken through the book right up to the very end. We find a pattern presented that keeps a consistent measure throughout the book. It does not ever change, and thus as we study this book we find that the pattern always matters. If we are paying attention to the book and not to the theological suppositions of men who have made up their minds regarding this book, we shall learn what the Author of This Unknown Book wished for us to find.

We shall always be able to locate where we are in the Book by this first of patterns. It will be able to timeline us and show us what place we are dealing with regarding how God is working in the redemption story.

We shall be looking for three conditions within this timeline

1. The lamb and its development towards fulfilling the redemption narrative.

2. The Shepherd and his relations to this development and His sheep.

3. The Sheep and how they are gathered into the fold at any of the given times under discussion.

This profound and revealing method will do more to teach you the Unknown Book than the piles of theological misgivings that are passed off on the masses today.
So let us take a look at this timeline we are going to use.
We will measure other time lines to it, and make comparisons that reveal yet more about the construction and contents of the worlds most unusual and neglected book.

The Time line of The Lamb as it marches through the Unknown Book.

The lamb – Typified – Genesis 3:21 and Genesis 4:2.

First: A lamb slain in a garden to cover the nakedness of the first two people who had violated God’s Holiness and rebelled against God’s Authority. More on this to come.
Look at how Cain and Abel approach God with their offerings, what they offer and what God accepts and rejects!!

I wonder in the animal world do they consider this beast of beginnings?
I know I do.

The lamb – Prophesied – Genesis 22: 5-8

Second: The lamb is prophesied to come and deliver from this fall that has occurred. It is descriptive in that it promises some to bruise the head of the serpent.

The first great promise given to us all.
But who would understand the path through the Unknown Book?
It is no surprise that nations abhored the one nation the raised these creatures.


The lamb – Applied – Exodus 12:1-11.

Third: One of the greatest single genocidal acts in the world takes place in a single night. A lamb is central to those who die and those who survive. This is most important to understand for it will have future relevance as we get near the return of the lamb to rule and being.

The first great application by all.

Nothing in history matches this event and its forbidding events.
The details regarding this passover and how to treat the lamb are exact.
It is a life or death result to follow to the letter or interpret the matter.

It was delivered by God to a single people who faced the most horrific odds of survival to date.
It advances the narrative further by showing the lamb and it’s sacrifice is the single saving act for now.

The Lamb Personified – John 1:22

Fourth: The lamb becomes a singular person. The last Adam, the Last Lamb, The final Answer that the promise in the garden held forth. We see the fulfillment of history, God’s promise fulfilled in this lamb, we see the unfolding redemptive story as never before.

The first indication from God.
What a day, the lamb is heralded by a voice!
Never miss the power the book puts on voice.

The Prophet Isaiah said that he would not be a standout person.
Nothing in him that we should desire him.
This lamb knows his journey and fulfillment is going to be final in it’s outcome.

The lamb – Identified – John 1:31-34.

Fifth: Oh what we learn from the voice, the words and the actions of The Lamb of God that taketh away the sin of the world.
This precedes all sorts of doctrine information that we are going to be exercised to live with and yet see so much ignorance and abuse regarding it.

The first declaration of The Messiah.
Both deliverer and sacrifice at the same time.
No life ever lived like this, nor shall be again.
This is God manifest as a man.

Passages that explain and highlight this
John 14.

History cannot pass over this person.
This is the last lamb, the fullfilment of the promise in the garden.
What a narrative, what a life lived.

The lamb – Crucified – Hebrews 9: 11-15.

Sixth: It is finished. There is no more sacrifice to be made that will suffice. God took our place. He is The Lamb of promise. He is the lamb of prophecy. He is The Lamb of Israel’s redemption. He is the lamb for the whole world. He is the surety for us all.

The final lamb to be offered.
Once for all, and that means all without exception or distinction.
This will cross the divide of theological meanderings that history has thrown up and we will be looking into them.

The first Adam needed covered by the lambs blood and skin.
The last Adam needed nothing his blood is sufficient and his life is everlasting.

The lamb – Glorified – Revelation 5:

Seventh: As it should be, we started with the death of an innocent lamb. We know regard the rule of the innocent lamb. It is fitting and just and right.

The fullest expression of natures real gratitude.
Nature knows the power of His sacrifice for them.

Humanity knows the power of His Authority over them.

The story is the full drame of the human experience.
If you watch the epic volumes that make up some of the greatest storytelling saga’s in literature you will see the pattern set by the Unknown Book.
This is the result of the human condition.

I tell this narrative to you on this podcast for one real reason.
So that you will understand that the author of this book, knows how to write and write in the way that appeals to us.
So it ever has been.

You’ve been spoiled off the book by the unscrupulous manipulations and motives of men.
Women aren’t interested in violating the book. That is the domain of men.
Men who don’t want the book to reveal the issues, and the provision made for them.

By a Lamb…
My favorite way, by far, to listen to this story is by way of Handels Messiah.
I wait for parts of it like a thirsty man.
Oh! and when the Halleluiah Chorus arrives. I often stand or bow.
What about you?


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