The Big Bathtub hole and the rabbits heading our way.

Finding my own way…

So the last email was about a baby going down the plug hole in a bath tub.
It was a poem and I was using poetic license to make a point.

Therein and immediately after `I went down my own plug hole. sort of.

I see the news, like you do and I was not sure if people wanted what `I was ultimately aiming for.
So, I pulled the plug for a while and reconsidered my WHY?

I looked and watched and sought for insights into the nature of our times and if what `I do would be of any purpose.

I have reviewed the attention span of myself and those around me.

It. Is. Short!

I am returning with this.
An email each day.
A shorter podcast.
A quest: to create a sample of a monthly newsletter that takes people down the rabbit hole of the Unknown Book.

Let’s see what happens.



Navigating the human condition, while coming to terms with the
purpose of life.