Stumbling towards Babylon.

The road we are on and face, at times seemes like we are tumbled bleed of race, color, joy, fear, peace, loss, hope, despair, lovelessness, lovingness and dirty war packed into a daily lunch box for our consumption. The order of life is breaking down, accelerated by the speed of the connected times we live in.
It's a horrible thing at times, and a beautiful thing in off guarded moments. Impossible to avoid. Yet it has these moments of rightness, beauty and human appeal.

It's what we need now that matters.
And without recourse, or so it seems, we are all being carried along towards an end.
Stumbling in our self interests towards Babylon.
This is were I come in...

Begging for love

Never before has this human experience seemed so contradictory. Humanity is broken. Desensitized and fractured in every part of its ways. But single people. Ordinary people are craving more than money, possessions, or mere things. You, Me, Them. Are all begging for love, attention, affection, recognition and all the attendant emotions and feelings they bring. Begging is an unchecked lack of shame. Too many of us are past caring how we are seen. The need of the times is to great. Too great.

Here on this site, in these times. There is more...
More hope for you. More affection for you. More of life for you.
If you take it as it is given to you.

Striving to earn respect

Respect begins with training.
Without this training, How can you give it to others if you don't understand the rules of it?
In these devilish times people have been driven to expect everything for free.
I laugh out loud. Probably you do to.
The problem is that nothing is what it seems or appears.
Because the heart of respect is broken. Unfixed by the insatiable trends of more.
Institutions are barren of it. Politicians, wanna be leaders couldn't buy it with real money.
Here in this site respect is pointed out. Lauded. Heralded when discovered and praised when followed.

Fighting "Who Taught You That!"

You'd be surprised at the power of this question and the reaction it brings.
We ask it all the time of people who  make statements that tell the tale of who they have become.
Not to make slight of them, poke fun or ridicule them. Although this the key tell that they use with others not like them.
Here you get to see behind the screen, the mask, the fear, the choices that drive this walk towards Babylon.
It is a lazy thing, the easy path, no looking required.

Aware that Day is dying in the West

You want what you want. We all do. But the places to go and get what you need are being eroded by those who don't want it.
Life in the West is dying of consumptionitise.
Because consumption is faster than justice.
Choking on the refusal to turn to paths that once led the way
I am on the old paths. Here is where the Fresh Oil is harvested for you.
Taste and get you needs met.

Realizing that your want and need isn't what you think it is

It's not negative here.
You have been told of the condition of things. You really already know.
What you want is direction. Instructions. Choices that have long since been buried under the disciples of this mess.
So, if you are fighting the inside slide and look for something more to help you with your struggles and battles in living.
I will be offering that here. Fresh Oil. Gathered from the old sources. The tested places. The barracks of living tested and proven.


Striving to live a: Simple, Likeable and Obvious life.

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