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daily takes on living

This is how you get to know me. See if we are a fit or something like that. You get to choose to learn more, without a lot of commitment other than giving me your eMail.

Free weekly podcast

Each week I take something about our humanity and examine it from outside the 'me too!' noise that the chattering folks choose to give you.
It's conversations, commentary and insights about us.

fresh-oil newsletter

A paid subscription monthly newsletter. A physical product delivered to your door that changes your insights into the world using the authority of the Unknown Book


I use structure, strategy and tactics to give people a way to make sense of the madness that we call our world. Of course the Unknown Book is at the heart of it all.


I bring insights from the Unknown Book that you just will not get today.
I speak at Churches, conferences, social-media events and special occasions.




There are people who have come to me, asking for help. I have been doing this for a very long time often in and under the most out-of-the-box situation and conditions.


The newsletter

The newsletter is under development and will be available soon.


The podcast

The podcast begins again in December and will be a weekly event.


Social Engagement

I will be active at twitter, facebook and a few other places.