Overcoming years of doubt to get into action for truth

72:8587015926056918054" class="_5pcp _5lel _2jyu _232_">Well then,

It’s been a real stop and start time for me with Fresh-Oil.

I am sorting out the issues I have with myself and sustaining this whole effort. Let me tell you more.

I aspire to have a series of ways to connect, share and inform the people who are interested in what I am putting out into the world.

First I have been working and learning about using email. But I have been trying to teach too much using this tool.
second, I have needed to get the website right for the purpose I intend it for.
That is to sell a monthly subscription to a paid for newsletter.

That brings up the needed things behind the scenes to support this effort.
There is a lot of unseen requirements, and i have been learning about them all.

So, I need to start at the beginning and get things sorted.
I have 5 months to prepare the basics: a book, a sample newsletter for reviewing and then next.

Then in 2019 it is get the site ready, merchant accounts going, email list building and then next.

Sometime in the middle of 2019, say May I shall begin my offer with a launch date to follow.

What am I offering?
A monthly subscription to a world class education in what the Bible contains, says and answers all the questions about this life.

While I teach the content, structure and design of the Bible, I shall also apply the teachings to what is going on in the madness of the world today. And what to do about it on the personal level.

The key is that it is going to remove the need to ‘up and go’ to another location to “learn the Bible” saving people the whole dance that goes with you goign to the insane levels to get to the place to learn. Earn the cost of going there, and then up and moving all over again.

I have 40 years of experience now. Many of those years learning what a classroom cannot provide. I can apply that to the learning of the newsletter: which is supported by a book keeping everyone on track to the principles of how to actually learn from the Bible.

If you have been attacked over the Book by so called Dr’s of Theology, or teachers or churches and their congregations. I can show you more than you every thought that Book could hold.

I will post on my progress here towards the launch time and date. Keeping myself accountable.

go to fresh-oil.com and sign up for the emails I send out.
I am a student now of an email trainer who is the best there is. I’ve a lot to learn, but I have started.

All my best and more soon.

Navigating the human condition while coming to terms with the purpose of life.