It’s God’s fault! So what did He do about it? ep10

Man’s Fall and Rise, The plan isn’t what you think it is!

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Yr1 | Ep10

If you want to place blame for the mess we are in today. Before you ascribe that blame to God.
Then you better get the facts, all the facts to the problem.
Before you decide.
Because blame has been assigned, all that is left is the ignorant acceptance of this error.

But you need to know all the story…

What you are about to read, or listen to is the whole story.
Unfiltered and without bias from The Unknown Book.
Not the opinions or mutilated hackings of religious ignorance.

So lets begin.

I was taught that most things are the opposite of what they appear.

Nothing is more true in the thinking of men, especially when it comes to that Book in the hotel drawer.
The one you are expected to steal.
Men have ideas about God, that they fabricate out of their own twisted moralizing.
God is held on trial in the court of emotional appeal, and ignorant logical denial.
I intend to get from the Book, the original plan and how it works out.
Are you looking for more than the usual?

Then lets go deeper…

Inside the pages of The Unknown Book there is a very detailed plan.
It is the most divise plan on earth, and it is coming through right on time.
But lets get the if’s and but’s out of the way.

If God is God why didn’t he just make everything right to start with?
Why all this trouble? God isn’t very good at being God if he allows all of this to go on!
Simple question driven by moralizing humanity who think that it’s God’s fault that they kill each other and worse.


So let’s come through this right this time.

The First Question.
Why did God make the Heaven and the Earth?
Old Testament
Book of Genesis
Chapter 1 verse 1.

According to The Unknown Book, He made them to be inhabited.
The Old Testament.
The Book of Isaiah
Chapter 45 and verse 18.

The New Testament
The Second Book of Peter
Chapter 2 and verse 13.


The Second Question.
If God made them, and if He God is perfect, why didn’t he make his creation perfect?

The pages within The Unknown Book reveal that He did make them perfect.
Because mankind has manhandled The Unknown Book into their own designs they have missed much.
Genesis 1verse1 was the orginal condition.
But Gen 1 verses 3 throught 28 are dealing with a RE-CREATION of the original one.

Note: Even the main protagonist was created perfect, before he fell and lots of things changed for him.
For before Satan became a serpent, a devil and more, he was a Cherub.
Old Testament
Book of Ezekiel
Chapter 28 verse 15.

Don’t get ahead of things. We will go over what a Cherub is, not the greeting card industries version of one.


The Third Question.
If God made them all perfect, what changed? Why aren’t they all still perfect now?

Something happened that caused a change in the physical creation and conditions of the Creation – The Universe – between Genesis 1:1 and 1:3.
And something else happened that changed the spiritual conditions of the Creation – Man and Woman –  between Genesis 2:7 and Genesis 3:13.


The Fourth Question.
If God is perfect, as described in The Unknown Book, and God loves perfection why didn’t He prevent this “something from happening to both creations?


Although the material creation was perfect before the events that took place.
Man was not perfect. He was only sinless.


The Fifth Question, you probably ask?
What on this earth are you talking about here?

If the Creator, God, is perfect, no being is perfect until he is completely like his Creator.
Adam was originally made in God’s image, Genesis1:26 through verses 28.
But Adam’s sinlessness is not confirmed, for he had not yet been tested.


You may well reply?

What do you mean tested?
What is this sin thing anyway?
Why is it so big in The Unknown Book.
Why did God allow this sin to be there anyway.
Why did He put all this stuff in our path?

Lots of questions, and we will answer them all. So take it slowly with me. One at a time.
But know this.
In The Unknown Book, sin is an act, a nature, thought, or word against the Creator God, who is Almighty.
It is any wrong thing, done, spoken, or thought contrary to the Absolute Authority of God concerning it.
Old Testament
The Book of Psalms
Chapter 51 verse 4.

New Testament
Book of First John
Chapter 5 verse 17.


The Sixth Question.
If God is this perfect God that He claims He is, wouldn’t He know the result of the test before He let it take place?

He would and He did know the result before it occurred.
God knew Adam would fall, fail the test and lose his sinlessness. Knowing this God still gave him a freedom of will and of choice.
So that Adam could fall, or resist and not fall.


The Seventh Question.
Then God is directly responsible and to blame for what took place in His creation!

Yes, you are right!


Now is not the time to shirk the truth of this.
The Unknown Book does not shirk it, that is the domain of men who think they know what God meant to do or say.
And correct his words to prove themselves right.
We need to get this right before we go further, for only The Unknown Book can reveal all and it will and it does.

Yes, The Creator, God Almighty, could have prevented Adam’s and Eve’s sin and the resulting conditions they created for the rest of us.
But God did not prevent them.
The Old Testament
The Book of Lamentations
Chapter 3 verse 38.

The Old Testament
The Book of Job
Chapter 2 verse 10.


The Eighth Question.
Then God is responsible for all of the ills in the world that man is burdened under.

God does not tempt any man, neither can He be tempted, but
“Every man is tempted when he is drawn away of his own lusts, and enticed.”
The New Testament.
The Book of James.
Chapter 1 verses 13 through 15.


The Ninth Question.
Then who tempted Adam? if God is not to be blamed.

The Old Testament.
The Book of Genesis
Chapter 3 verse 4 though 6.

The New Testament
The Book of First Timothy.
Chapter 2 verses 12 through 14.


The Tenth Question.
Who tempted Eve?

A serpent.

The New Testament.
The Book of Second Corinthians.
Chapter 11 verses 1 through 3.


The Eleventh Question.
Who tempted the serpent?

Before the serpent was a serpent, he was something else. He was created a Cherubim.
He was drawn away of his own lusts and enticed to put his own will above The Creator.

The Old Testament.
The Book of Ezekiel
Chapter 28 verses 12 through 17.

violated Gods Holiness by a self determined act of sin.

The Old Testament.
The Book of Isaiah
Chapter 14 verses 12 through 15.

Violated God Authority by an act of rebellion.

These are the two conditions this fallen Cherub, who became a serpent, brought to Adam and Eve when he tempted and enticed them to act independently of what God told them both to do.


The fallen human condition sets in and this is the type of retort that is delivered by men.
If God is eternal, Sinless, The Creator, All knowing He must know the end from the beginning..
He could have prevented even the temptation and enticement of this “Lucifer”
He would have know what would happen and He could have stopped it.

The Old Testament.
The Book of Isaiah
Chapter 14.
This is true.
God, The Creator lets a lot of things fall in the design He has initiated to work out his original plan
The New Testament.
The Book of Romans.
Chapter 11 verses 11 through 32.


The twelfth Questions.
Then God is not only responsible for Man’s sins, but the sins of the serpent as well. Since He allowed Both to take place.
Therefore, The Creator is to blame!
(This is the normal condition and viewpoint)

If the next answer I give is yes, then what?


Statement of usual response.
Then “There is no God.”

The Old Testament.
The Book of Psalms.
Chapter 14 verse 1.

Because a God that allows imperfection into his creation, and takes repsonsibility for it is not a perfect God.
Man is free and clear of his enticement because they were created by God who did this to them.
It’s Gods fault!

What would happen to this creation and this allowed fall should it all be remedied by The Creator?
Should God make all things right, what then?
If God made everything right would that resolve the issue?
The New Testament.
The Book of Romans.
Chapter 3 verses 4 through 6.


When The Unknown Book reveals that The Creator undid what evil He allowed to enter into the physical and spiritual creation.
Will you then recognize that He is perfect?

Here is the story of how that was accomplished, completed, atoned for and eternally settled.

God came down to this fallen earth and fallen mankind in “The Flesh.”
The New Testament.
The Book of Timothy.
Chapter 3 verse 16.

God bore mans guilt
The New Testament.
The Book of second Corinthians.
Chapter 5 verse 21.

He, God,  became the personification of all sin
The New Testament.
The Book of Galations.
Chapter 3 verse13.

So much so that He resembled a serpent!

The New Testament.
The Book of John.
Chapter 3 verse 14.

The statement that concludes this is

“It is finished.”
The New Testament.
The Book of John.
Chapter 19 verse 30.

The restoration is completed.
All the events that will draw everything to a conclusion are playing out.
Only through reading The Unknown Book can you find what is yet to come.
If you like to cheat then read the last three chapters of the last book: The Revelation of Jesus Christ.


So, If He, God, then has reconciled all the fallen things he has allowed to become imperfect.
He is clear of any blame.
The New Testament.
The Book of Romans.
Chapter 9 verse 20.

The usual and often repeated response
“I dont’ believe all that nonsense.”
But sometimes people respond with a different condition.
Go looking for the redemption conditions and accept them.

The New Testament.
The Book of Romans.
Chapter 3 verse 23 throught Chapter 4 verse 1.



Here is the rest of the story.

God is perfect.
Love is one of the qualities He embodies.

The New Testament.
The Book of 1st John.
Chapter 4 verse 16.
The New Testament.
The Book of first John.
Chapter 4 verse 8

For this love to be perfect love there has to be two parties.
One person loving themselves isn’t real love is it.


God creates this second party – Adam the man to love.
The New Testament.
The Book of Hebrews.
Chapter 2 verse 6.

If the man does not have free will to return this love then he is an automaton and has no free choice.
An automaton cannot return love.
The man Adam must have the choice.
Therefore there must be another party to choose between.
The Old Testament
The Book of Joshua.
Chapter 24 verse 15.


The triangle of choice is completed by a self appointed ‘god’ a Cherub who becomes a serpent.
You can choose him
The New Testament.
The Book of second Corinthians.
Chapter 4 verse 4.

Or you can choose God
The Old Testament.
The Book of first Kings.
Chapter 18 verse 21.


God allows this being, The Cherub to appear and tempt mankind (Adam and Eve).
So that they, Adam and Eve can freely choose God as an object of Love, through obedience to him.
Or they could choose the serpent, through obedience to him!

What do they do?
Adam chooses his wife as the object and his wife chooses Knowledge!!

The man falls, and God redeems the man by bearing the entire blame for man and the cherub.
The New Testament.
The Book of Romans.
Chapter 5 verses 6 through 19.

God does this by bearing sin as a man, dying on the cross as a man!
The Old Testament.
The Book of Isaiah.
Chapter 53.

The New Testament.
The Book of Romans.
Chapter 10 verse 2.

The New Testament.
The Book of second Corinthians.
Chapter 3.


God, now having absolved Himself of all guilt or blame it is now possible for the man to be confirmed sinless forever.
By receiving a sinless saviour as his own.
The saviour is the way out.

God has already done more than is required or all that is possible.All that could be asked.
He has done so because He loves us.
God has delivered the way back to Him. It is perfection.

The New Testament.
The Book of John.
Chapter 1 verses10 throught 12.

The New Testament.
The Book of John
Chapter 3 verse 16.

Concluding this I remind you of something.

That is now the only option.
Choose Him, or Choose the Fallen Cherub: Lucifer, that old serpent, the dragon.
I have choosen.
I chose the Son of God.

Who will you choose.
It’s an either or decision.
By default to not choose God is to choose the serpent.

Because it asks a moral decision of you to do so.

Navigating the human condition, while coming to terms with the purpose of life.

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