I accepted my story, this happened… ep16

The problem your story creates.

I watched a video by Chris Lema, a wordpress aficionado of high repute and he was talking about telling your story.
It made a lot of sense to me after years of considering the way I was treated by those around me.

I have always been regarded as smart, capable of doing anything.
I have also been hard working.
Not afraid to try new things and not afraid to fail.

People around me wanted me to keep within their idea of what success was for me!
When I didn’t they got mad at me.

They also told me that I had failed… again!!
So I left them.

In fact I have a history of just leaving them.
It’s part of the story.

But their words did not leave me.
The script was always in repeat play.
If I am so $%# smart can’t I make the success grade thingy?

But it wasn’t the right question or even the right approach to the question.

Let me tell you a story…

Belfast, Northern Ireland circa 1976.

I stood in my last home in Ireland for many a year.
Ready to answer a question my dear Mother was asking me.
She had seen that I was transformed, a changed and determined son.

Having seen me change from prodigal to preoccupied.

She asked me what I was going to do with this spiritual change in my ways.
I had declared and shown that I had been redeemed and reborn, as the Unknown Book reveals.

I answered her that I was going to learn the contents of the Unknown Book no matter what!


I did just that it’s a big part of my story.

I leaned about the Unknown Book, it’s contents, purpose, plans and controls of the human condition.
But the journey was something else in the getting and the doing of it.
It has become my story.
And it has many parts.

Coming to terms with those parts is the piece that costs the most.
Because there is a lot of living inside the experiences those parts teach.
Not all nice, not all easy peasy, not all stuff you want to make known.


The Outcome of these things drives my story.

The outcome is that I have set up this site, and the accompanying information with a purpose.
If you want to learn how to navigate the human condition and come to terms with the purpose of life.
This podcast, site and soon coming content is for you, that I do know.

I cannot account for how you will take this approach.
Nor can I worry over your reaction to the content within this site.
In fact I can no longer hide what it is that I happen to be driven to do by skill, circumstance and calling.


My story is a story of these times…

We live in a time that has become so fractured.
We don’t want to lose the values that got us here, but we have abandoned the single item that made it all possible.
A lot of people, things, and events made it so.
The keys to fixing this condition are quickly disappearing. Quickly I said and do mean that.
So I am going to be a key to them as I can.


There are two things my story is driven by.

Navigating the human condition is one of the keys we have lost.

People don’t want to pay the price for living they just want the results.
Even if someone else has to pay that price for them. They just want and that without cost!


Coming to terms with the purpose of life is the other.

I have heard it said, that no one can understand the purpose of life!
I do not agree.


Because The Unknown Book declares the purpose of life so readily.
It’s just that you have not paid attention to the Unknown Book.
You thought that Book was just something a minister used to get a homily or social message from.
You would be very wrong about that.


Inside the Unknown Book is a simple directive about the purpose of life and humanity.

This is it, are you ready to hear it?
The Old Testament
The Book of Ecclesiastes
Chapter 12 verse 13

” Les us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: fear God, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man.”

Not difficult to find, figure out and nothing less than our normal requirements.


There is now this…
The New Testament
The Book of Romans
Chapter Chapter 3 verse 18

“There is no fear of God before their eyes”

Everyone does that which is right in their own eyes.
This today we call being politically correct.
Nuts right?


Vanishing points that compel me in my story.

The opportunity to learn from teachers of the Unknown Book is disappearing as we speak.
It is now hard to make a living doing anything that is associated with this book.
Unless you are faking it and using the book to con the crowd.

My story has cost me dearly regarding this book.
But, and so that is what it is.
Coming to accept that and provide what is needed in now the requirement.

My purpose within the greater purpose of things is to provide you and any other reader and listener with information that matters about the Unknown Book.
To do this will take some cost on both of our parts.
We will find out if that is agreeable and acceptable soon enough.


Here are a few questions that affect my story.

What about you?
What is your story all about?
Do you have a desire to learn more about the Unknown Book?
Did you try and get less than you tried for?
Did others take away the desire to know more about the human condition?
What about the purpose of life?

Most people think like this.

  • You have to make a living, so you do what you have to do to do that?
  • Everybody does it, so I can do it too!
  • A little bit doesn’t hurt, as long as I dont’ make it a habit.
  • I know when to quit and I can when I want to, but you never do.

Life isn’t easy, it is often difficult, hard on us too.
But within all of this there is always answers.
The Unknown Book is the first place we should be looking too.
Instead it is everything else.

I am at peace with myself over this.
Regardless of the outcome.
It’s what my story is about, that story that I have been avoiding.
Because it isn’t an easy path.
But there you are.


Coming soon is a product from me.

It is a product that will help you navigate the human condition and come to terms with the purpose of life.
In this digital age, my peers have lost the opportunity to use the tech’ and it’s reach.
I will not make that same mistake.

To learn more CLICK here.


navigating the human condition while coming to terms with the purpose of life.