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The business of navigating the human condition.

Yr1 | Ep5

You either understand how to or you do not.
There is no try, no college educated effort.
It is always you do or you do not understand.
What am I talking about?


The approach

Educating or Selling.

Everything today is born on the field of selling.
Push, pull no matter what you name it the consideration is that you persuade or perish.
But can there be another way.
A way that doesn’t rely upon these methods.
To see what happens on the internet is an education in and of itself.
There, it is all manufactured.
Nobody need care, you don’t have to face the people you sell.
Just do it! right?

This other way is better.
Educate them, instead of pitch them, hit them up, Bamboozle them into buying.
And only educate the ones who meet the criterea that you know about before you start.
Educate them that YOU know all about them and the problems they face.
The want that is yearning to be fixed by someone relevant and Assuring.
Do this and be yourself. Use the compass. Navigate instead of follow.

True North

Wants not needs.

People have things going wrong and right in their daily lives.
To answer them they go looking for help.
The right help is what they want, and or need.
The want often is not even known to them.
They just know that they are without, and want to fix that.

There is north then there is a True North.
Just like in the material world of things.
If you have ever looked at a compass you can see this.
In todays world any north it seems will do.

But, there is the True North that changes how you really navigate everything human.


The human condition

Begging for love earning respect.

People are simple.
They want something.
Actually two things.
They will move life and limb to get these two things.

We all want to be loved.
Love, ah! the expierence of that alone has moved more money than can be counted.
Behind most activity people conduct is the desire to be loved.
Really loved.
Loved for who they are, what they are, where they are!
Navigating this is the work of any and everything we engage in throughout our lives.

We all want to be respected.
Respect, the grail of which the human heart beats for all the long day.
People want to know how this respect can be obtained, earned, kept.
The validation of respect from those you admire, love associate or want to associate with is powerful.
It is esteemed to be almost as important as food.

Nobody can get enough of either.
Nobody that wants love turns it away.
Neither do they flick of respect and its validating glow.
So what’s a person to do?


Learn how to use the compass and its related steps of application.

#1. Your Business

We many think we are in the business of selling, promoting or pushing something.
But are we. That is a question worth considering.
I think not!
We are in the life business of navigating the other lives around us.
Knowing how to accomplish this gives us relevance in other lives,
Understanding the wants and how to meet them allows us to assure these other lives.

So, how does this look to other we want to reach.
In their eyes, are you a what or a why?

In the words of leadership expert Simon Sinek: people don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it

You can learn pretty quickly which one you are.
All you need to do is ask.
When you know what is behind being a what or a why, everything changes.

That is, if you ask the right questions.
If you do ask these right questions, and you can face the truth.
You can choose.
If not then you get to be a fake.
You don’t get to be yourself.
You have to create something else.


#2. Your Customer

Three to Ten Seconds.

All efforts to navigate the human condition come down to three to ten seconds initially.
If you know what to do with those three to ten seconds you can get what you want.
By knowing how to give others what they want!

You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.
-Zig Ziglar

It sounds so easy, doesn’t it?
You want that right?
Like, tell me now already!!

But not so fast there.
Behind those three to ten seconds are some hurdles. Big hurdles.
You need to know what they are and how to jump them.
If you don’t know how you will struggle in vain to clear them.
This is the problem in navigating the human condition.
This is the heart of this article and podcast today.

You might manipulate but you will not navigate the human condition without knowing these things.


#3. Your Communications

Results or process.

We get what we want, when we give people what they want.
But face a common problem.
The way we go about talking with the very people who might want us.
What gets in the way is our communications.
We lead too often with the wrong thing.

The ancient sage who concocted the maxim, “Know Thyself” might have added, “Don’t Tell Anyone.”
-H.F Henrichs

Funny, but not when you want to be understood.
And, who doesnt’ remember this one.

“Seek First to understand, then to be understood.”
– Stephen Covey (Seven Habits of Highly Sucessful People.)

Results and process go together, and their order is singlemost of importance.
But often, too often, people have them backwards.
You try to be the lead and it does not work!

What’s a person to do about that?
Here’s a little more.


#4. The Compass

Relevance and Assurance.
The condition of the human experience.
We look for these two fields in everything, everything in our lives.
Our built in compass often is not calibrated to true North and that hurts us.

The compass is what you need to be able to do something about these conditions.
It’s not a physical thing as such, but it will show you how to navigate this thing.
This human condition.
And, give people what they want.
While getting you what you want.

I have been building this compass since 2008 actually, while studying it for most of my life.
In the upcoming book. You will be able to see more.


#5. Your Process

Hurdles or helping handles.

We go about navigating the human condition following what we see.
But that isn’t helping us.
There are stages to every process. Be it beginning, middle or end.
We must start at the right place, if we want to come out at the right result.

“The Right Road Leads Out At The Right Place.”
-Bob Jones

Nothing happens like in movies, or t.v.
That is a fabricated world of make believe.
It isn’t happening, and even when they say it is, reality t.v. it isn’t!

But there is a process.
It’s a four step polka, waltz or quick step.
Depends upon you and the other partner.
Yet when you understand this navigational dance.
Everything changes for you and people you deal with.

But… You need to go in at the right place to come out with the right results
I have plenty of information on this for you in the book too.


#6. Your Identity

Balanced living instead of faked persona.

Nothing is real, in real life or on the webz, internets and digital things.
People can be anything, and often they don’t disappoint.
There is a way, a real way.
To win and be yourself.
No baked fake, social avataring, pretend.

“When you apply fake it until you make it, you bake in the fake.
Then you are stuck with that. To change is to admit the error.”
-Billy Delaney

In fact, and I mean in fact.
If you aren’t true to yourself you won’t last at all.
In anything. Isn’t this the heart of navigating life.


#7. Your Landscape

Either or but never both.

How you navigate the landscape isn’t what is being taught.
You can play the game of life, or you can live the life that gets you the love and earns you the respect.
That I do know as truth.
I am doing it.

“As I grow older, I pay less attention to what me say. I just watch what they do.”
-Andrew Carnegie

But there is a conflict.
People have been conditioned to expect just the one landscape to live on.
But there is more.
There is a lesser travelled landscape. It is wide open and under used.
But you must choose.
They are not the same and you can’t get to the right place using both.
When you see them side by side, it isn’t hard which one to choose.
It’s just hard to choose.


Wrap up

The Compass is a choice, a way of navigating human relations and conditions.
You can see what is wanting, and can go about meeting wants.
Without, fakery, pretense, manipulation, devious schemes, trends, hard baked worn out systems of old.
How do I know this?

I have travelled wide in the navigation of the human condition.
I’ve seen the results of living without a compass and with one.
It is a ‘not so obvious’ thing to choose the right way.

So there is a real book.
I am going to sell it soon enough.
I thought I would introduce it to you here in its parts today.
Hope it whets your wanter to know more.
Got to keep you interested right.
In fact I have used several of the navigation things right here today.

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Navigating the human condition and coming to terms with the purpose of life.