Hello! I am Billy Delaney

I go about life and things a LOT differently, and that's the way I like it!

Belfast City from Cave Hill


Yep that's Me!

Billy Thumb Up

Finding the Unknown Book

I left home at 15 from Belfast City, Northern Ireland, to find the world, adventure, myself and whole lot more.

I did, and it was at the bottom of my human condition that I found the path to follow that made the purpose of life clear and very much worth living.

My Journey with the Unknown Book

I've lived on three continents by the time I was 24. Worked more jobs than you would find in a job fair. Changed step several times and taught myself each time to march to my own drum on each occasion.

Always led by the Unknown Book

What I do is make navigating life interesting from the perspective of a book, "The Unknown Book." Today that is a skill that has gone out of the world. And, I present to people how to come to terms with the purpose of life.

I eMail daily a free sip about life, living, and the path to navigating it all with assurance.

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I podcast weekly either unusual conversations with people that inspire me, commentaries on life today that can only be answered with authority by the Unknown Book and navigating the human condition.

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I sell a monthly newsletter teaching how the paths of life and The Unknown Book intertwine laying down principles; line upon line, precept upon precept, here a little there a little.

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Speaking about that Unknown Book

I've spoken for more that 40 years in jails, hospitals, schools, rescue missions, churches, conventions, social gatherings, public spaces and more.

I have had people, laugh, cry, churn, leave, ask for more but never ignore the message. It never gets old, it's always deeply tasking to be able to speak with my voice to the heart of another.

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