Excuses of small thinking that take place in the world today

Here are the big excuses that people use, and they all use the same sort to excuse the lack of enquiry with the Book.

Follow your conscience and you will be alright!

Heaven and hell are in your mind, life is what you make it!

God is too good to send any one to a literal hell!

If you live up to the expectations of your religion you will be fine!

If a man lives it, he will be fine, it doesn’t make a difference  what religion he follows!

The universe is too big for God to worry about us?

I run into this sloppy thinking all the time.
But and if you can interrupt it for a moment you get to the heart of the person, and the get honest.

Most people don’t know much about this life never mind the next one. It shows.

Here is a proverb from the Unknown Book to consider

Proverbs chapter 15 and verse 33
The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom; and before honor is humility.

Unfortunately the college education and social activities of the major schools of our nation do not follow this truth.

navigating the human condition while coming to terms with the purpose of life.