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Yr1 | Ep7

Meet Jayme Soulati…

Hi, All! I am Jayme Soulati, and I hail from Chicago’s public relations firms. As a Message Mapping Master and Public Relations Marketer, I help businesses position with a human perspective from the heart. This happens when we speak — you talk, I listen. After that, I write your messages to position your hidden gems to the world.

I bring more than 30 years in strategy, marketing, public relations and writing. My digital marketing journey has been accented with content marketing and social media marketing, too.

Award Winning Professional

I am an award-winning professional blogger and author of an e-book you can download free on my website, Message Mapping: Why You Need It and How To Do it. I also self-published Writing with Verve on the Blogging Journey, to get self-publishing knowledge.

Blogging Influencer

I am a Triberr influencer and brand ambassador, which means I get to write for brands seeking a boost to their campaigns. I contribute to a variety of other blogs of multi-professionals, and I love what blogging does for a business. I am a regular speaker on the circuit for a variety of social marketing topics, and share the importance of message mapping.

I am seeking to align with your brand in a capacity that works — writer, marketer, messaging strategist, and more!

Full Service Marketing

My virtual team of web designers/developers, location-based marketers, and Google AdWords specialists join me in delivering full-service marketing from all aspects for your business.

I am a graduate of the University of Wisconsin with a Bachelor’s of Arts in Journalism with emphasis in public relations and minor studies in German.

Business Leader

I am a past president of the Publicity Club of Chicago (1993-94) and have served on a variety of boards. My interest is in giving back to newcomers to my field and organizations that need my expertise.


Ready, lets go deeper…

Who are you really?

At the corner of social and commerce, were life meets living we want more.

More than what you have on the shell for us to see.
We want inside the person.

It’s a need, a natural thingy.
And here we go looking for those who just have to be interviewed.
You may never have heard of them before.

to me they hold a full array of cards and I have just got to know more.


This week.

Jamye Soulati.
A beautiful person. I know this for those eyes she has tells us so.
And brave, it is there if you look for it.
lets meet her.

Thanks for pressing play…


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