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To Speak, to Train or to Inform.

It could be a Church, an Organization, a Social Community or something else altogether.
I've been speaking publicly, training people and informing audiences for 30 plus years.
The requirements of speaking, and speaking well have been my study for a lifetime.
I am a qualified trainer through advanced degrees of training and practical experience.


I know what good speaking is when I see and hear it, as do you.
And, I also know what poor speaking and speakers are like when I have to endure them.

Speaking is an orchestra of finally tuned moments.
Creating the sheet music for these things takes more than most can give.
Speaking to people from a platform is both art and skill.
Some people have these necessities in spades. Some don't.
I am told that I deliver both the skill of speaking with the art of the human insights.

An example

The Spiritual Nature of Social Media: SoSlam Knoxville Tenn. 2012

[su_youtube url="[su_youtube_advanced url='www.youtube.com/watch?v=TFpY-oCVBtM' autohide='no' rel='no' modestbranding='yes' theme='light']"

I'm good at this.
Not because I say so.
Because the people I speak to say so.
That is the difference and it has made all the difference over the years.

Who do I speak for?

I speak for people that want insights into a subject that matters to them.
Plainly, openly and with candour, and often humour.
People who are tired of the requirements of being socially correct and polite to everyone.
Therefore providing nothing to anyone that matters.

What do you get?

Insights for living that meet the needs of these times.
Out times are bent out of the normal shape of how things were.
Nothing is fixed or regular so it seems.
If you want insights for living in these times, I can deliver them.

What advantage is there in hiring me to speak, train or inform?

I bring fresh content.
Nothing is taken for granted, I do the work.
I am prepared, always.

Who should work with me?

If you are looking for the substance of the past, the insights of the present, and the leadership for the future. I would be a fit for your.
I present within the confidence of what you are expecting.
Then deliver what your not!

Who should not work with me?

If you want hypster, popular, stuff of the hour then I won't fit your needs.
I am old school, with real schooling and the education behind that. Substance is my bag, not the flash bang of today.
I say this because I've seen the yellow brick road, and the wizards behind the courtain. Yep! nothing much really changes.

The Value of it?

I've spoken on Two Continents and in many countries.I've spoken in prisons, hospitals, social events, schools and more...
I even spoke at my naturalization ceremony to become a citizen of America.
Cultures change but people really stay the same.
Two things make what I bring worthwhile to you, your church, or group event.
I understand the expectations that people have when they pay the price to hire a speaker, and I  realize of the Cost behind it all.

I am a man of the world.

I've travelled, over land and sea and air.
I have lived through civil wars, political upheaval, migration to another country and more.
When I speak to an audience I am one of them.
By that, I mean I do my research.
I know who I am speaking to and what matters to them.


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