The Dail eMail.

eMail is dead right?
it is very much alive and well. In fact it is better than ever. Much better.

That is why I employ it in this site.
It is personal and immediate. A recognition of another person.
Providing the potential for more.
What is not to like about that, especially if what it delivers is what you expect and are looking for.

Who is it for?

The hurried.
The busy.
The life fulfillers and the doers of this world.
The seekers of answers to big questions.
How do I navigate this human condition, and how to I come to terms with the purpose of life.

What do you get?

An insight for living in a few hundred words.
An anecdotal flash in leveraging your day.
Mind food for the minutes in the morning before the tide of the day comes in.
Directions to more, if you want it.

What advantage is there?

It’s a good habit.
It offers a different choice than the usual.
I will often entertain, inform, educate and help you.
One thing at a time.

Who should use it?

Seekers: people who want more than the same old same old.
Doers: who are always glad for some help along the way.
Makers: the instigators, starters and such who take help were they find it.
First handers: the changers of the daily life for those around them.

The Value of it?

It’s not free!
The free line here costs something.
Your eMail address.

Still it’s the best way to build a friendship.
It’s the best way to earn trust and then some…
So, that’s what I do with eMail.

Here’s how I do this.
I put out Monday to Friday an engaging, informative, insight regarding something I’ve learned or seen.
You get your head and your heart engaged for the day.
You get to know me.

Here’s my Upsell

If you subscribe. I will give you a daily boost and will often point you to something on my site through a single link.
It might be a link to my most recent podcast, vlog, or blog post.
It might be to a product I am offering.
That is called selling.
If you don’t want to have me sell to you don’t sign up.

If you don’t mind. I promise you this.
I won’t spam you, slam you with junk or push an agenda driven by anything but help.
If I don’t hold true to this promise.
DELETE is only a keystroke away…


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