Down the political helter-skelter ep13

Down the Political Helter-Skelter

What is a Helter-Skelter?
It is a slide popular in England from days gone bye.
In our image we see a depiction of one.

You climbed stairs inside the device and slide down on a mat to the bottom.
Nothing like today’s maniacal heart pounding rides.
But it serves to show the human condition when it comes to politics.

Let me tell you more…

I grew up in a very politically charged environment, Belfast Northern Ireland.

To observe and participate in the cultural identities of those time was without doubt captivating.
It was a time of fear, uncertainty, identity to a group without question.

“Why one politician, a prime minister of Ireland no less stated that the peoples of Northern Ireland were


Meaning you can’t get ride of them politically, you have to get rid of them physically.
By what means he was going to get rid of the “irreducibles” was clear.

Emigration to sympathetic lands, conversion to the dominant political plan, or extinction by all other means.

The Age Old Triumvirate

The age old triumvirate was and always shall be:

The Religion that dominates the land.

The Political power that Religion can enforce.

The Education controls to keep the Religion and Political power it welds.

The Sheepal and their problem

Societies, Cultures and the Commerce that supports them are fascinating things.
In my situation I was prepared to move on and look for more than what was given.
I cared for those who had hardened themselves into the violent voice of the tribe.
But it wasn’t for me.

Now I live in America, a land and population under siege by every political view going.
The very idea that America exists offends just about everyone.
And at it’s core is the very idea of a political condition that allows the dissenters to right to dissent.
Beyond my thinking.

Back to the Helter-Skelter.

In my youth and while living in England I actually rode of these devices of amusement!
What you did was pay at the door, climb the wooden steps and at the top receive a woven mat.

You then went out of the top opening and sat down on the mat and were taken to the bottom with a rush.
It lasted just a few seconds, then thump. You hit the bottom.
Want to go again?

Well here is the analogy.
We have built a helter-Skelter.
The American political machine that offers one and all a ride.
You pay to play, always.
How did it get to this?

Our American Helter-Skelter was designed as a Republic.
Long since disappeared.
What is a Republic?


  1. a state in which supreme power is held by the people and their elected representatives, and which has an elected or nominated president rather than a monarch.


Governed by a rule of law and a constitution of checks and balances. All slipping away down the helter-skelter of New Deals, and more…

We the people, aren’t the supreme anything but a consumer. That is all.

We are viewed as a Democracy now, and what a thing it is!!

What is a Democracy?

This Democracy has three phases to it.

Why does it even matter to discuss them today?
People are sick of politicians and the lies, lies and more lies they spout about things they say they will do and don’t.

Phase 1.

A political Democracy ordains that members of different population groups, Vote together, Legislate together and Rule together.
A Political Democracy begins as a means of protecting property and life.

Phase 2.

Economic Democracy ordains that diverse elements work together.
An Economic Democracy seeks to distribute property that phase one produces.

Phase 3.

Social Democracy ordains that diverse elements live together.
A Social Democracy encourages the theft of property that phase one produces and phase two encourages.

And if you doubt me, read what a much-in-the-news religious and political ideology says about the phase 3.

There is a book

There is a book that reveals this Helter-Skelter slide ride that only goes one way and that is down.

That book, is a deep look into the actions of today.
I am surprised that it isn’t banned reading in my own country.
But not surprised because no one reads unless it is the gossip rags and shinny objects of the internets

What is this book called?

“Animal Farm.”
-by George Orwell.

What is at the heart of this book.
The process whereby the owner of the farm is run of by the ruling pigs and their dogs, and the other animals are forced to work.
Work under the terms and conditions of fear and loathing.
Or else…

If you can read this book. READ IT NOW!

At the corner of Culture and Commerce and life and living: you need more than your income you need truth.

That is found in another book,

There is another book

This book, which I call, The Unknown Book, is without peer in these matters.
For within its pages is a promise that there will be a government.
It will rest upon the shoulders of only one person.
That person is without peer in history.

“The Unknown Book.”
-By God.

This once great land was founded by people who actually knew the contents of this unknown book and applied it.
The results produced the richest, most powerful, envied and hated nation in the world of men.

Why nations waged all kinds of wars against it, in order to stop it existing.
People would do anything, and still do just about everything they can, to get into this land.

Why would people go to such lengths?

Because of the ideas it represented.

Because of the freedom it promised.
Because they could see this farm was nothing like the one they lived in and endured.

What is the greatest irony among men is that they don’t even realize or know that the very notion of government isn’t new.
In fact it is the original idea of how we should live and enjoy living with every attendant benefit and privilege.
We refused the original terms and conditions.

Yet there was an original plan

A Theocracy

Those terms were a Theocracy.
The rule of men by God based upon a moral condition.
Oh my!
That cannot be tolerated.
Won’t be countenanced.
We will do this on our own.
And the dead cry out without end.

This last political Season

In this political season we are facing.

There sits all three views of a Democracy.

Can you identify the representative candidates.
I can and it is not a wholesome sight.

What is the real prize in this Helter-Skelter?

Well I hear it put like this once.


“If you go to a card game, and you sit down to play.
If you don’t know who the patsy is, YOU ARE THE PATSY!!!”


It’s too late baby now it’s too late…

LIsten, we want a return to something we no longer will accept.
The Rule of law and the self controls that it requires of its citizens.

Face this.

Political correctness, meaning everything and anything goes, and you can’t touch it without getting lashing of loathing.

Realize this.

Political correction is what the farm devolved down into.
Those who are “irreducibles” will be dealt with and that in no uncertain terms.

Act upon this.

Your political freedoms and personal choices now reside inside the only government that will ever last.
It is chosen by a moral vote.
You choose a King, who took great steps to free you from the tyranny you don’t even recognize in your life.
You accept the moral requirements placed upon by this Monarch.

To learn more go here and read this.



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Photo by Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums