Do you have the courage to be yourself in an age of me too. Now that I can admire

One of the musicians from the Wrecking Crew was Leon Russell.

He played piano, very well.

Out of all the people who were in this crew of session musicians in Los Angeles Leon and Glen Campbell were the only two to make a solo career for themselves.

Now two different people you will hardly find.
Glen brilliant on the guitar, a singer with broad appeal and good looks, could play anything.

Leon brilliant on the piano, arranger, quiet, white long hair, long beard, good looking and full of Southern Charm could play anything too.

But Leon went down his own road.
He was an Okie. Didn’t mind. Had that loose country boy charm and ways. The sort of thing Bob Dylan was always hunting for and sometimes found.

Leon had a career with over 30 albums and his songs are standards that get covered in the hundreds.

He was himself.
In the days after the LA thing. He grew his hair and a beard and never, to my knowledge cut them, he kept them both long. He was always being himself. Right down to the Top Hat with the confederate  stars around the hat.

You may not even know of him. But I do. He ranks up amongst the most individualistic people I have ever observed. He could have sold out and played to the popular stuff and made a lot of money. But no.

So why is he getting the ink time here today?
You see, most people express a burning desire to be different but end up all acting and looking the same.

Not Leon. His record buying and concert attending crowd loved him for being Leon. That is all.

Object lesson in this eMail.
Be you. Really be you. No one else. Everyone else is taken.
Me I am told that I am such. If I just changed a little I could really do things? NOPE?

I walked away from a process that produces the same old same old, and it is boring. No one could be themselves. They have gladly let me go.

I love the Unknown Book and desire to help people see how it is constructed and put together. If you know of people who want to learn about the contents of the book. I am your man.

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