It’s how the light gets in, those cracks in everything today

If you look up from your phone, you will see them.
The cracks, that is.
These cracks are everywhere.

I see them in the faces of people eating alone. I see them in the tired mothers fighting to keep families together. I see them in my own boredom with what I am supposed to endorse but won’t.

I see them in the utopian drivel that is spouted by kids who don’t understand the nonsense of it all. The cracks of our world are spreading out past the t.v’s, the video games, the iPhones and the  lies we are told ‘ from both sides of the glass’

But you know what.
As that poet from the suburbs of Montreal so easily stated: ” there is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in.`”

In the Unknown Book.
Of course you know I am going there don’t you. We read.

“The entrance of they word giveth light”

The religions of the world are cracking, the political hucksters are cracking, the money people are cracking. And…
The light is getting in.

Philosophy is cracked, always was. A poor substitute for the Unknown Book. Science is cracked, we don’t change in our fundamental denial of God and the virus.

But there is a wonderful saying that has been on my lips lately..

“Even so, come Lord Jesus”

navigating the human condition while coming to terms with the purpose of lifeIr

What’s been going on with me?

hello all.

The podcast got waylaid again!
My feed was not validating and iTunes turned me off.
I needed to fix that, and I did.

My work load went kapooee on me and I was buried.
That too is getting under control.
Glad to say so too.

The black dog got loose for a little while during all of this and ran around in my head.
Not good, but gone again he is.
Glad to say so too.

I read, watch, review and think a lot about what is going on
in this very messed up age.
Never before have we needed the unknown book.

How I would navigate this life without it I would have no clue.

What about you?
Looking for answers are you?
proverbs 29:25
The fear of man bringeth a snare; but whoso putteth his trust in the Lord shall be safe.

You won’t get that from a Sunday `morning rock concert. You won’t get that from positive affirmation or self help books.

God knows our fears.
He wrote were to place our trust.
I am sure you know where `I go with mine.

More soon.

`navigating the human condition while coming to terms to with the purpose of life.

The trouble for women today

The life of women is hard.
They suffer for the lack of a good man.

Now those of you women who have a good man, you are without doubt among the most fortunate of people.
Finding a man who is manly, responsible and with integrity is getting very difficult.

As a parent and a worker I see the men and want to be men around me. It is not a great sight to see.

Looking at the women, and the way they are expected to dress, act and conduct themselves among their peers is not an easy thing to understand.

I remember when I heard this little homily: among the hangups that a young teenager has is not their cloths.

Among the hangups that women have today is not only do they not see the men they are looking for; but they don’t know what they are supposed to be looking for.

These hang ups cause them a lot of trouble, and they don’t know the way out of them.

A man and a women are not an equal partnership.
A man is to lead the woman and take care of her. Not just the little lady thingy; the emotional thingy, direction as a couple, the path to walk together and more.

The woman needs a man to support.
Yes, when it applies it is most true. Behind every successful man is a good woman.
Why often behind a lot of bad men are good women who put up with things no woman should have to deal with, but they do.

I admire women.
I have a few friends that are women. Good friends. Trusted.

The young girls today have a lottery in finding a man.

One institution that has become irrelevant, the church, used to be the place to nature young men and women. Not so much anymore.

Again, if you are a woman and are looking for a good man. You will find the instructions on what they look and act like in ONE book.   You know of what I speak.

navigating the human condition while coming to terms with the purpose of life

The lost world of men

God made him.
God gave him a woman to help him – a help meet she is called.

Women today have the hardest time finding this man that God made.

Because this age has turned the men into non men, girlish, with head-buns, tight pants and masculine frailty.

Men are going out of this world faster than a fart in a wind tunnel.
Sorry to be so vulgar, but tis true.

Woman are looking for men. The lucky one’s know what they are looking for. The rest don’t and it shows.

So what is a man?
He is the opposite of a woman.
Now that needs to be considered since so many males of the species are bent on acting and looking like women.

A man is responsible for his decisions. A man provides for those he is responsible for.
Many women earn more than men, but that does not make them responsible for a man. It just means there is more stuff to buy and get buried under.

A man finds a woman and he leads that woman to help him in the work he does. That woman understands that. Supports him she does.

A man is a man.
He knows his place and he acts his role with conviction.
Children need to see a man act like a man. They need to see a man responsible to his maker and the duties assigned to him.

Take care of the woman, lead her, show the kids the way to act as either men or women when it is their turn to take up the job.

It’s absurd to be talking about this. But in our day it is a lost reality. Men are going bye bye. More is the pity for all concerned.
I am a man, 62 years old, and I watch the men-kids coming along and it is not pretty.

To learn the ways of men, you need to be around men. The best place to get instruction on manliness is in the Unknown Book. Read it through from cover to cover and read biographies of men who read this book.

navigating the human condition while coming to terms with the purpose of life