What’s behind the navigating of the Left and the Right?

The Left and the Right are in a battle of the soul.
That is all.
Leonard Cohen stated this a while ago in his song “Everybody Knows”

The Battle is raging over one single item.

Are we to be governed by a Final Authority or not?

The Rule of Laws of the shifting emotions of lawless mobs.
That is the question.

Now a long time ago two very lawless English men decided to get us away from laws and rules and bring us under the emotions of a religion. We needed to be freed from the absolute Final Authority.

Ever since the first two decided to be educated and ultimately lawless nothing has changed.

The Unknown Book is not read, it’s contents are not considered. Therefore the outcomes of all the lawlessness is not known. The lawless think that by allowing everyone to set the standards of their lives by demanding you obey the rules they set for themselves we all will be free.

Yet, it is not so.
The fool hath no delight in knowledge…  The fool is always the fool.

The right hold to a Final Authority.
In Western Civilization it is the rule of law. That rule of law is embodied in a couple of documents that changed the world. The Magna Carta and the American Constitution.

But NO ONE and I do mean NO ONE is bringing up the problem for both groups of every persuasion.


The world isn’t even used in pulpits anymore because of its implications.
But we all sin, all of us. Without exception or distinction. Everyone sins.

Sin takes both Left and Right down the plug hole and there are no survivors.

Tomorrow `I will take this up a little further….

Billy Navigating the `human condition, while coming to terms with the purpose of life.

The Big Bathtub hole and the rabbits heading our way.

Finding my own way…

So the last email was about a baby going down the plug hole in a bath tub.
It was a poem and I was using poetic license to make a point.

Therein and immediately after `I went down my own plug hole. sort of.

I see the news, like you do and I was not sure if people wanted what `I was ultimately aiming for.
So, I pulled the plug for a while and reconsidered my WHY?

I looked and watched and sought for insights into the nature of our times and if what `I do would be of any purpose.

I have reviewed the attention span of myself and those around me.

It. Is. Short!

I am returning with this.
An email each day.
A shorter podcast.
A quest: to create a sample of a monthly newsletter that takes people down the rabbit hole of the Unknown Book.

Let’s see what happens.




Navigating the human condition, while coming to terms with the
purpose of life.

How fast does your bathtub empty?

I like the way…

Twitter can deliver a surprise when you are rolling through the tweets.

Here is one that got me.

“The bathtub empties much faster than it fills up and if that isn’t a metaphor for life then I don’t know what is.”

This reminded me of a poem/song one of my earliest teachers read to us in a classroom in Belfasts. Years and years ago.
Well my baby, life, feels the plughole pull.
And while not yet ready to go down the plughole.
I laugh at the poem and its darkness too.

Hope it brings the bathtub of life to mind.


(Writer Unknown – London Music Hall Song)) 

Martin Carthy – 1964 Cream (vocal: Ginger Baker)- 1967 

A mother was bathin’ her baby one night
The youngest of ten, a poor little mite
The mother was fat and the baby was fin
T’was nawt but a skellington wrapped up in skin
The mother turned round for the soap from the rack
She weren’t gone a minute, but when she got back
Her baby had gone, and in anguish she cried 

“Oh, where is my baby?”, and the angels replied
Your baby has gorn dahn the plug’ole
Your baby has gorn dahn the plug The poor little thing was so skinny and thin
He shoulda been bathed in a jug
Your baby is perfik’ly happy
He won’t need no bathin’ no more
He’s workin’ his way through the sewers
Not lost, just gone on before
Your baby has gorn dahn the drainpipe
And the chlorine is bad for his eyes
He’s havin’ a swim, and it’s healthy for him
He needed the exercise
Don’t worry ‘baht ‘im, just be ‘appy
For I know he is suff’rin’ no pain
Your baby has gorn dahn the plug’ole
Let’s hope he don’t stop up the drain 

Your baby is perfik’ly ‘appy
He won’t need a bath any more
He’s muckin’ abaht with the angels above
Not lost but gone before

Ever feel like you’ve gone down the plug hole?



Navigating the human condition, while coming to terms with the
purpose of life.

Have you got a turn-around coming in your life?


Well, what road are you on?

We all want progress, but if you’re on the wrong road,
progress means doing an about-turn and walking back
to the right road; in that case, the man who turns back
soonest is the most progressive.


Today, that is all, and it is enough.

navigating the human condition while coming to terms with the purpose of life.