The way out is the way we came in


The way out is the way we came in !

This is a test!
If you remember what Jonie Mitchell was singing about Woodstock then you remember how it all went sideways in too short a time.

I was a kiddo, barely 12 I think when woodstock the movie was playing on the big screen. All that hair and dirt and stuff. What gives?

It was time, time for the big change, everyone said so. But change to what?

People thought the time was upon us when we would be alright, we would get this world sorted out. We would have peace and live our lives without fighting. But it did not happen.

The bomber didn’t turn into butterflies above our nation. They grew bigger and dropped heavier death from the skies. We watched war live on our t.v’s while eating our dinner!!

Then the boomers became what they did not want to be. The monied, the landed, the spenders. We invented the buy now pay later world our kids don’t want. Welcome to consumer world.

Can there be a way out?
Yes, and it’s the same as the way we came in!!
How so.

Inside the Unknown Book there is the biggest political plan the world has never caught onto.

It. Is. Heading. Our. Way.
You see the Unknown Book isn’t primarily about John 3:16. That is a wonderful part of it.

But the real prime mover is the return of someone everyone thinks they know, but they don’t.

And even that return has a collossal pretender foreshadowing things.

In five minutes you can find out exactly what someone believes, or says they believe about this someone. If you care, and I know you do. I will show Him to you.

More coming soon, as the advertisers do say.

The Unknown Book

was opening a checking acount so that I could open a Patreon account on my website.
So that if people wanted to support the site and such they could.

In the bank I met B my bank person who did all the stuff they do for us.
She asked me what I do.
So, I told her this: ” I help people navigate the human condition and come to terms with the purpose of life!”

She asked me to tell her how I accomplished this.

I told her.
It came around to what did I have as an authority for my bold statements. I pronounced that I had “The Unknown Book.”

Of course and as expected B asked me what was that?
So we began the navigation towards the understanding of how anyone could find out for sure or not if this book was more than what is is used for: taking from people.

Flash back coming…
I was trained to be something and while the training is the most cherished possession, the something is not. After many years of holding the line. I let the line take care of itself. After all there are a bunch of takers who do that already.

B was shocked to think that you could actually use the book to navigate this life, and she wanted to know more, which in good time she will.

Now back to now.
This used to be called all kinds of things from witnessing to ‘puttin it on ’em.’ None of which really gave me the soul satisfactions.

But I studied the peoples, listened to them, asked them things. Many things. From all of this they taught me much.

At I put out a podcast weekly. This is being updated too, and will start up again around the end of November. It comes from past left field and curves around the soul counter.

Hope to see or hear from you there.

Navigating the human condition while coming to terms with the purpose of life

Hitting the ground

The fall isn’t what hurts!
It’s hitting the ground at the end of the ride.

For a while now I have been readying myself to do what I am supposed to do with my time here on the blue-green ball.
And I am ready.

Ready for what you might ask! I know you did so I will tell you.

I am going to be sending out a daily email that deals with todays madness, lifelessness and even some humour you still can find amidst it all.

I see you’ve stuck with me and your email has been just quietly waiting in the list. Thanks for that, I sure aim to hit the mark and keep you thinking.

My site is getting an overhaul, and with that some needed upgrades. So around the end of November you will see what I’ve been up to there.

I have been nosy. Looking into things, Lurking around the webs. People want spiritual information, that I do see. So, I will be offering that in a way that not one single institute on this earth ever does, or even thinks to do.

Because these places are all about the Bennies, Bucks or Dollars. And, they have lost the way. Because the Unknown Book is well… Unknown to them.

Thanks for sticking around. Maybe you just forgot that you had asked for the email. Anyhoo I am returned from the place that caregivers go when they red light comes on in the engine of their soul.