You don’t buy a dog and then bark yourself!

I was reading about things people do from a mentor of sorts. He quoted an Ad Man called David Olgilvy, who said:

You don’t buy a dog and bark yourself.

I laughed at this and mused upon it too.

You see, many years ago while standing in conversation with my mother over the unknown book. I told her this…

I was going to learn what was in that book, how it was put together and then tell others who wanted to know. For I knew from immediate experience that there was a boat load of ‘wanna-be’s’ who had no idea what that unknown book was all about.

I went to college, and found out that all, without exception or distinction knew very little if anything that reallly mattered when it came to that book. Sure they knew the stuff that you could buy from a book, they knew what they had been told by others gone on before.

But none, none I say, of them could tell me how that book was put together.
I was buying them as my dogs, teachers, and then they were asking me to do the barking for them.


I have been fulfilled in that desire to know what and how that book is put together. Because I wa led to a man, a junk yard dog who could bark for himself. He taught me that book, and then some. He is now gone on to his rewards. I am still here.

The struggle I have had is this: I wanted to rest after so much time in the barking business. But I could not stop due to taking care of loved ones, and biting back at the lazy dogs that loved to sleep.

I am not rested, still tired. Yet the times require a dog who can bark for himself.
That is me.

I have found the book I don’t need to write as a supporting set of principles to use to help teach the items that must be understood when letting the unknown book read you, while you read it.
Job done.

Now I am seeking a print fulfillment house to put together the monthly newsletter. I will be sending out you guys, who have patiently waited for this, an edition of what to expect in the newsletter that I will offer for pay.

You will get what no college in this world can deliver anymore. NONE.  The way that that book is put together so as to help you understand The Author, the times you face and yourself.

Soon is all I can . Soon as `i get the printer/ fullfilment thing together. And the pay thing set up and the other dozen things that go with this.

So, more soon.

Overcoming years of doubt to get into action for truth

Well then,

It’s been a real stop and start time for me with Fresh-Oil.

I am sorting out the issues I have with myself and sustaining this whole effort. Let me tell you more.

I aspire to have a series of ways to connect, share and inform the people who are interested in what I am putting out into the world.

First I have been working and learning about using email. But I have been trying to teach too much using this tool.
second, I have needed to get the website right for the purpose I intend it for.
That is to sell a monthly subscription to a paid for newsletter.

That brings up the needed things behind the scenes to support this effort.
There is a lot of unseen requirements, and i have been learning about them all.

So, I need to start at the beginning and get things sorted.
I have 5 months to prepare the basics: a book, a sample newsletter for reviewing and then next.

Then in 2019 it is get the site ready, merchant accounts going, email list building and then next.

Sometime in the middle of 2019, say May I shall begin my offer with a launch date to follow.

What am I offering?
A monthly subscription to a world class education in what the Bible contains, says and answers all the questions about this life.

While I teach the content, structure and design of the Bible, I shall also apply the teachings to what is going on in the madness of the world today. And what to do about it on the personal level.

The key is that it is going to remove the need to ‘up and go’ to another location to “learn the Bible” saving people the whole dance that goes with you goign to the insane levels to get to the place to learn. Earn the cost of going there, and then up and moving all over again.

I have 40 years of experience now. Many of those years learning what a classroom cannot provide. I can apply that to the learning of the newsletter: which is supported by a book keeping everyone on track to the principles of how to actually learn from the Bible.

If you have been attacked over the Book by so called Dr’s of Theology, or teachers or churches and their congregations. I can show you more than you every thought that Book could hold.

I will post on my progress here towards the launch time and date. Keeping myself accountable.

go to and sign up for the emails I send out.
I am a student now of an email trainer who is the best there is. I’ve a lot to learn, but I have started.

All my best and more soon.

Navigating the human condition while coming to terms with the purpose of life.

Well the answer to SIN isn’t what the world wants, but so what…

A while  ago I put out a podcast that takes a listener through all the moral and immoral arguments about God being at fault for all our human woes.

If you care to learn more in twenty minutes than all the philosophers and brainiacs have postulated in a dozen lifetimes then go to the link below.

I promise you will hear more truth than you’ve heard in many years.
So off you go if you will….

Navigating the human condition while coming to terms with the purpose of life

The poison in the well of the human condition

One single word that throws everybody out with the bathwater.
Here it is again if you didn’t read it yesterday.
Hated by everyone without exception, even the vast majority of religious leaders and their following.

Hated by every Socialist, Marxist, Leninist, Capitalist, Religionist, Psychologist, Pragmatist, Evolutionist, Psychiatrist, and all the social engineering political hacks who sought to engineer us into the golden age of peace on earth!

Why is this three letter word hated so much?
What has it got that other words don’t?

Here is the rub.
All the effort that mankind has put out to change mankind has not fundamentally changed anything.
Men still die, they steal, they lie, they cheat, they murder, the kill, they destroy.
Mens till do do good, help society, aide millions, seek for better conditions for all but…

Something is beyond the fixers, thinkers, do-gooders and all the political planners this world can muster on the dance floor of this life.

None of them can navigate us out of the current human condition.

Now the Left want to change us into a conglomeration of meaninglessness so that no one stands out or creates a comparison with anyone else.

The Right want the laws of the land to be the steering force to let people be who they want to be within the rules.

But the Final Authority that brings this to us has been abandoned in total.

In the Unknown Book, I am referring to The Authorized Version. An absolute final authority is available
The answer to the condition we face SIN, is provided.

But, but, but..
Man doesn’t want that answer. Man wants his answer, and all the A listers above will plot, maneuver, scheme and attempt to engineer their way out of facing this single one word.

I will take this up again in a third email tomorrow.

Navigating the human condition, while coming to terms with the purpose of life.