Begging for Love: the human experience ep11


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Yr2 | Ep11

Begging for love: the human experience.

Don’t even think this isn’t about you, and me!
For it is, and it always will be.
We need this condition showered upon us and often never know its blessing.
Instead we are required to seek it at a some inflated price, that never meets our expectations.

Here’s a question.

Where does love come from?
In this human experience people hunt for it everywhere.
No limits are known or expense spared in the finding and getting of this love.

What’s the big deal with Love?

Around the world they celebrate love with a special day all to itself.
Calling it Valentines day.
Heart shaped images abound and little winged babies fly with arrows to shoot at people.
Twitter-patting them with the love condition.
Not really, but it sells cards, candy and sentiment.

Yet people beg for this love!
What makes it so scarce to some people.

Even popular music was awash in it at one time during my younger days.
A band called the Beatles sang about it regularly.
In fact it was the pattern they set for the rest of the bands to follow.

But I digress.

What is this condition called love?

Does it have an origin?
And if it does how do we go about getting more of it in our lives and into the world at large?

Lets begin then..

We could go searching the poets, writers and sages for answers.
Yet all we would receive is the expression of this love.
We could but we won’t because there is a sure place to start and end our search.

In The Unknown Book the first time the word love shows up:

It’s dealing with a potential death of a young man called Isaac (Laughter!)
His father Abraham is being tested by God, He does seem to do a lot of that, to see if Abraham will trust him.
Thankfully Abraham who loves his son, does and it all works out so well.

In The Unknown Book the last time the word love shows up it again has death in its midst.

Isn’t that strange?

This time people who love and make lies are being allowed to perish by attrition for their actions.
They are said to be sorcerers, and whoremongers, and murderers and idolators.
Not a very welcoming bunch in the love department.

Well that interests me as an introduction.

So let’s go deeper…
The Unknown Book reveals the scope of this love we crave and the actions we take to secure it.
It also reveals the Creator as principle in the Love dance far past that of the creation.
That’s what’s so fascinating about The Unknown Book, people pass it looking for what it can provide.
Love, unending, fulfilling, complete love.

Let’s take a closer look eh?

The word Love is used in The Unknown Book 442 times.

That doesn’t count the derivatives of the word like loved, loves, loveth etc…
It is a big word with a big broad expansive use in The Unknown Book.
Both good and bad use of the word are used.
More on that in moment.

In the Gospel of John
Just the word Love is used 39 times

The Gospel of John
Chapter 3 verse 16

“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”

And I shall also add, everlasting love!

So God loves us and if you listened to last weeks podcast you will see that God went to great lengths to secure our love voluntarily.

Now God describes himself as this:

In the first Epistle of John

1st John
Chapter 4 verse 8
We can read and see that the verse says:

“God is love…”

Read again:
Ist John
Chapter 3 verse 16 – Coincidence I think not!

“Hereby perceive we the love of God, because he laid down his life for us…”

And Again:
1st John
Chapter 4 verse 19

“We love him, because he first loved us.”

We have been wooed.
At great price!
At great hurt!
At great cost!
At great sacrifice!
At great expense!
At no time were we not being wooed!
How fascinating this redemption of the fall. How utterly compelling is the underlying story of love in action towards us.
How horrible is the response around this world.

And do you know something else.
The beneficiaries of this love often leave it and go looking for something else?
How can that be?
What is wrong with this love that we need to find another?
That is the expression of the human condition.
What more can be said?

You who are listening to this podcast or are reading this article let me please ask a question of you.

Are you facing a shortage of love?

Have you been the victim of a starved affection and love from those you give your love to?

The abuse in our world today is rampant.
I remember seeing an article of a little Vietnamese girl, about three years old, crouched down by the side of a busy road.
Cars, whizzing past her, and no one caring at all for her.
Reading on in this article I read of the sexual predators who abused them for their sick pleasures.
It hurt me deeply. I could not do a thing.
This was years ago, and yet I still pray for that little girl. I’d love to have swept her up and provided her with the love she has probably never known.

“Love is the killer App”
According to Tim Sanders and his book about that subject which turned him into an International writing and speaking celebrity.
He wrote of the human condition under the influence of love, of course people loved it.
How strange then that The Unknown Book has been abandoned for the very thing it reveals in spades and more?
I am never short of amazement regarding the human condition and experience when it comes to this attribute of our Creator: Love.

We act like we own love. It’s ours and we can do with it what we will.
But Love is an attribute of our Creator. Love does not follow any man made pattern It exists and we are in love or we are not.
There is no other condition to be.

Would you like to be in Love?

When we are in love it comes with both privilege and responsibility.
We face the test of loyalty, fidelity and honour to the one or one’s loved and loving to us.

The privilege is that we get the love. The responsibility is that we don’t violate it through an action of deceit or betrayal.
When we betray love we lose, so very big, all the privileges of that love.

Mankind wants to blame God for the conditions we inherited from our original parents when they rejected God’s love and the ensuing privileges it brought.
I wonder if Adam and Eve can stand the spectacle of the world they infected and destroyed.
Their children beg for love, love, that was freely and abundantly given without measure to them.
Yet they walked away, for a lied about experience that never came to be.
Their children have been begging for this love ever since.

This love of God.

So we come to The Unknown Book again my reader, listener and friend.
This is what we find.
All the armies of the world cannot enforce love of a dictator.
All the money in the world cannot ensure the purchase of love for its buyer.
All the sacrifice in the human condition cannot bring a moment of it unless it is willingly returned.


It is a free gift if you know where to go and get it.
It is a free everlasting gift that endures past the fleeting moments of this short life.

When the mop tops sang “All you need is Love” they were close, but not close enough.

To get this love you need to come to the Creator who is love.
He will wipe away all tears in good time.
He will right the wrongs of those who violated the nature of our want and turned love into a paid for lust.

I ask you to consider the condition of receiving this love.
Johns Gospel
Chapter 1 verse 12.

It is an intimate moment to read this verse.
It is openly inviting come one come all.
Yet it is conditional, as many as…
Read it if you care.


Navigating the human condition while coming to terms with the purpose of life.