Hello, I am Billy Delaney and HERE you get something lost in the world: how to navigate the human condition and come to terms with the purpose of life!


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The paths are many, the choices you face are staggering, but the right path leads out at the right place!

At fresh-oil we show you that path.

You choose to walk upon it or not!


Why you need the Unknown Book at all!

You've probably got a copy in your home, but have no idea what it can do for you! I will show you in the most unorthodox way you can imagine

Why the dogs that bark all sound the same!

You've met the lazy dogs, they may even have fleeced someone you know. But I'll show you what they really are, and how to never be bothered by their barking again!

Why it's so difficult to read through the Unknown Book

The Unknown Book isn't like any other, because when you start to read it, it is reading you. I'll tell you more on the inside.

Why the Big Four paths are dead ends

Religion, Politics, Education and Money all drag us along, and form us into something we have no real design to emulate. But it does. I will show you why these four give that Unknown Book it's bad name.

Science and Philosophy can't take the Unknown Book

These two ivory towers profess the answers, but we are still wallowing in the 'Virus' The Unknown Book tears the very garments these two dress the world in. They cannot match the completeness and sureness of the book, and we will show you why.

Why A Bible School Is a Waste of Time and Money Today

Inside these institutions there is a malaise that pollutes the minds of the hopeful. Today you won't get to know the Unknown Book at these places. Of course and as a fixed point of intent. We shall discover why on the inside.

Why Corruption is rampant today

Here we point out the extremely large elephant in the room no-one can see but us, so it seems. Here at fresh-oil we have the name of it. We name it the 'Virus' because people cannot stand to hear it called for what it really is. You will learn of its origins and its cure here.

Why you need to match The Unknown Book to the times we face

Learning how the path of the Unknown Book weaves throughout the days of our lives makes all the difference. Knowing how to apply the book to the times is priceless, and why the big four miss it every time.

Why the Unknown Book is largely well... Unknown!

You do not come to the Unknown Book like you would do to any other tomb. Here there is the challenge of yielding to the structure, content and application IT makes. We will teach you the why? and the how!

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This thought-provoking podcast provides help and guidance for those who are asking good questions..questions about God, reality, truth, life and death. I've been a pastor and missionary for over 30 years and I must say that this is indeed "fresh oil." Thank you, Billy, for giving your time to stir our minds by "going deeper." By the way, the podcast on "Blaming God" was used recently to help a young man who was asking about things like this. Thank you!

Bill Haas. Educator and Missionary


Mark Schaefer of Business {Grow}

A few years ago, I discovered a remarkable man named Billy Delaney. Billy is one of the most interesting men I have met, having served as a peace negotiator in Ireland, and a merchant marine among other positions. He is also one of the most spiritually-tuned-in people you will ever know. At the Social Slam event several years ago, Billy gave a talk on the "spirituality of social media" that people still talk about today. Many wept. Billy has started a new podcast that can best be described as the Oprah of social media. He is not interested in the content and platforms as much as the heart, the hands, the head that makes your work tick. He just interviewed me on this podcast and you can see for yourself why this podcast is so remarkable. Consider subscribing to this exceptional work


Jayme Soulati of Soulati Media

That is absolutely beautiful...
You are one deep individual; I relish your writings with the ‘freshest’ of perspectives.
-Jayme Soulati PR 
Message Mapping Master



Mindy Kuth Sustainability

Thank you very much for your daily email. Have I read every single one? Honestly, no. But I can tell you - the dog one? Fantastic. I don't own a dog, probably won't in the near future. But loved the humanity of it. The mickle muckle - loved it! Especially due to the cross-cultural and language references. And there were more...
But I do thank you for asking me for feedback. And for reminding me of the important things in life. Daily via my Inbox 🙂




Jimmy McGaughey Farmer in The Heartland

very much enjoy and look forward to your E-mail. They have helped me more than once. Thank you with all that is going on in your life for taking the time to write these words down. It is comforting and encouraging when someone plainly writes things with heart in them I know for me it has made me feel less alone.
-Jimmy McGaughey  Missouri Farmer


"That is a great recording! I love the start. Great to hear you too Delaney!

Peter Ruckman Jnr. Ph.d.

Professor of Political Science: www.PardonPower.com


Good stuff. I subscribed to your podcasts…

You are doing an excellent job. You are a good preacher. You have a way with words, and I love your Irish accent. You preach the truth without being offensive. The cross is already an offence (Gal.5:13).

-David Combs


Ed Kang

I have been interviewed numerous times. This podcast was different. Billy, a long-time friend (even though we have never met which is the great part about social media), gave me an opportunity to share about life and MDNA in a way that I don’t get very often. We got to talk about my heart and why I do MDNA the way I do. A lot.

Billy is doing something very unique in terms of the nexus between professional success and personal fulfillment using social media. More specifically how can you be spiritual and relevant today–especially under the microscope of popular culture and opinion? Fresh and oily indeed!

This was a distinct please and I am sure you will be seeing more collaboration between us in the future. Check out Billy’s website and story. Just like me, you will be better for it.

Ed Kang CEO MDNAi.org